How Do Silent Disco Headphones Work?

You may have heard of a silent disco (if not, check out our blog: What Is A Silent Disco), but have you ever done one? The concept seems complex, but it is actually really simple. Silent Disco is a one-of-a-kind party experience where guests are wearing our specialty designed LED headphones. How do silent disco headphones work? Well, first let us find out what they are.

What Are Silent Disco Headphones? 

Our silent party headphones are Bluetooth, 3-channel headphones that light up with blue, green, and red LED. The only buttons are “power,” a channel switch, and volume control. This makes it super easy for people of all ages to use and enjoy our silent disco headphones. 

Imagine a sea of people all dancing to music and you can see who is listening to the same color as you. This way, there can be 3 different genres of music are playing at the same, but the user with the headphone can pick what they want. 

Headphone Party

There are so many ways to use our silent disco headphones, from concerts to private events, to corporate seminars, to museum tours. These headphones can go anywhere. There are no wires. And they can reach up to 100 yards from the transmitters. 

Now, let’s circle back to…

How Do Silent Disco Headphones Work?

Our Bluetooth transmitters plug into a power source. Three different Bluetooth transmitters can be plugged in at the same time. They connect via Bluetooth to your smartphone, DJ mixer, tablet, or laptop. Users just have to wear the headphones, pick their vibe, and dance the night away!

We Can Ship Our Headphones To You!

We even ship and rent all over the United States. Our system is so easy to set up and we can show you how so you can have your own silent parties at your home or event space.