Concert Headphones

Ear Protection For Live Music & Concerts

Austin Silent Disco is here to introduce you to a groundbreaking way to experience live music: our state-of-the-line concert headphonesImagine this: You’re at a concert or music festival. On stage, the musicians are giving it all they’ve got. The mics on stage pick up the music and feed it into the soundboard for the engineer to balance. The sound then comes out of the speakers for all to enjoy. Imagine that same crystal-clear sound is transmitted into a pair of wireless silent disco headphones to deliver streamlined, quality music to your ears.

Custom Wireless Headphones

Austin Silent Disco offers branding and manufacturing of our top of the line noise-canceling headphones. Make your next party memorable with custom headphones that can be reused for other events.

Our custom branded wireless headphones can be used for meetings, company parties, silent conventions, trade show booths,  product demonstrations, silent walking tours, wedding receptions, silent movie screenings, cruise ship events, silent bar mitzvahs and bat mitzvahs. 

Austin, TX 78702