What is a Silent Disco?

A silent disco is quite an extraordinary experience.  It transforms an atmosphere into a completely different world.

Guests wear wireless headphones with the ability to choose between 3 different channels, all linked to our Bluetooth transmitters. Whether it is with 3 DJs, 3 playlists, a live band (or both), a silent disco is a completely one-of-a-kind experience. 

Simply switch between stations to hear different music all night long. With silent disco, the options are quite endless. The amazing features of silent discos include having 3 different music choices, 3 different DJs, no noise complaints, and soundboard quality music straight to your ears — all night long!


How Does A Silent Disco Work?

To outsiders, silent parties may seem strange, awkward and honestly, quite hilarious. We are here to inform you that they may seem that way, but once you get the hang of it, “silent” events will be your favorite type of party. Our wireless headphones allow guests to completely immerse themselves in the  experience.

Not-So-Silent Disco

A silent party is actually quite opposite from “silent.” You need to see it to believe it. With our wireless headphone rentals, you can dance with friends or march to the beat of your own drum. Silent events completely eliminate the worry of noise complaints or upset neighbors.

Disco into the wee hours of the early morning without a sound to be heard except for the soundboard quality music from the headphones. If you want to chat with your friends, no need to shout or yell over loud music. Silent party experiences create a maximum engagement level for guests to interact and dance all night long. 

First in Austin, Texas!

The concept of a silent disco originated in Europe and has gained traction in the United States the last 10 years. We were the first in Austin, Texas, to offer headphone rentals and quiet-clubbing packages. We hope to continue for years to come! There are limitless ways to use the headphones at your event.

Inquire with us today to find out how we can take your event to the next level and ‘wow’ all guests in attendance.