Spice up the Holidays: 6 Holiday Party Ideas

Can you believe that 2020 is almost over? Excuse us while we let out a big sigh. It has been a strange year and while we have become accustomed to the ever-changing curveballs thrown our way, boy do we hope that 2021 cuts us all some slack. With that being said, the holidays are right around the corner. While gatherings may look a little different and be more intimate this year, Austin Silent Disco is still here to exceed your holiday party needs. That is why we created this handy list of our favorite holiday party ideas.

We have created this fun holiday party guide for you to conjure up something truly unique for this winter season this year. Whether it is for a corporate office, an intimate family gathering, or an outdoor extravaganza, we hope this list inspires you to get into the holiday cheer (even though it is still topping 80 degrees in Austin).

6 Holiday Party Ideas

Company Party:

Are we the only ones that think that some company parties can be a bust? With most meetings going virtual, it can seem like such a hassle to meet up and small talk with people all evening. Why not break the ice with Austin Silent Disco. If we can all agree on one thing, it is that music is usually a common factor uniting everyone. On top of that, dancing is one of the easiest (and most fun) ways to get loose! That is why having a silent disco is one of our favorite ideas for a company holiday party.

Corporate Event

Intimate Private Gathering:

We have been hearing a lot of “maybes” regarding get-togethers this holiday season, but with the covid rapid test and dedication, we believe getting together with family and close friends is still in the cards this holiday season. Unless you’re sick – be safe and just stay home! One of our favorite holiday party ideas is throwing an outdoor (or indoor) silent disco dance party at home. Imagine it now: the kids have a station, the teenagers have a station, and the adults have a station – genius!

Drive-In or Social Distance Movie Nights:

Did you know we are now renting a 25-foot inflatable movie screen and projector? Why not throw a private drive-in movie night in your backyard, neighborhood park, or private rental space? Since we cannot go to the movie theater, why not bring the movie theater to you? We can do a drive-in style or simply social distance style with blankets and chairs. The possibilities are endless.

School Events

Some of our most favorite events are the ones with children involved. It is SO exciting seeing how ecstatic silent disco makes the kids. Whether they are 2 or 22, dance parties are more fun with three times the musical options. We love our holiday parties and schools, churches, and youth groups are some of the best places to have Austin Silent Disco create a memorable event for your group.

Austin Silent Disco Skyline

Decade-Spanning Disco:

One of our most unique holiday party ideas is to throw a decade-spanning silent disco. Let us help you book the best place to meet your social distance guidelines so that you can have an epic night from three decades of your choice! Picture it now: 3 different DJs each spinning a different decade. Pick your 3 favorites, pick out your outfit, and dance the night away!

De-Stress Yoga & Meditation:

On top of everything that has happened this year, don’t let the holiday season create more stress in your life. Why not plan an event with the idea to do the opposite – de-stress before the holidays get you down. Boost your immune system, re-center yourself, and get your head clear before the holidays ramp up. Let us find you a private event space and help plan an evening of yoga and meditation to help you unclutter your mind.

Austin Silent Disco at The W Hotel

Plan Your Holiday Party Today

Well, there you have it. Six completely remarkable holiday party ideas. Let us ease the holiday season stress and help add some cinnamon and sparkle to the end of your 2020. Whether it is for your school’s Christmas party, celebrating the end of the year with your company, or simply cheering to the end of 2020, let Austin Silent Disco help you!

Reach out for more information by emailing, calling, or requesting a quote today. We wish everyone only the best for the rest of the year.