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Whether you want to have an intimate backyard movie, a drive-in movie night at the park, or a private indoor party with a giant inflatable screen to project a presentation, Austin Silent Disco has you covered. Rent our 25-foot inflatable screen and top-of-the-line projector today! 


If you want to rent a giant 25′ inflatable screen for an event in the Austin, Texas area? Austin Silent Disco has you covered! Reach out to us to make sure your night runs smoothly. To receive more information about the possibilities and pricing, fill out this quick form

Not sure of what to do with a giant screen? How about a drive-in movie, live football viewing party, an outdoor movie at a brewery, an indoor screening (with tall ceilings of course) of a work presentation, a church gathering, or a film festival, the possibilities are endless! 


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Our cleaning protocol includes wiping each headphone with an anti-bacterial wipe. Then, we spray a 99% Isopropyl Alcohol that kills 99.99% or more of all non-spore-forming bacteria and viruses which anti-bacterial wipes do not. The safety of our clients and employees is the forefront priority.


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