How to Host a Silent Disco: Yoga & Meditation Edition

One of our favorite ways to throw a silent disco is for a mindfulness practice. Use our silent disco headphones to create a new level of zen for yoga and meditation classes. When you use our silent party equipment, you fuse the peaceful ambience of music and the teacher’s voice to create a totally focused class. 

Why Silent Disco Yoga and Meditation?

Total Focus

Silent disco yoga and meditation brings a new level of focus and attention to a practice. When we turn down the noise of our own individual experiences, we open up the space to a broader conversation. Therefore, whatever is going on, guests are able to have an isolated experience. 

Wherever, Whenever

Yoga and meditation with our wireless headphones allows for the experience to happen anywhere, anytime — music festivals, outdoor events, large crowds, you name it. With headphones on, there are no outside noises or distractions. Rather, you are able to give the teacher (and yourself) undivided attention. 

Connect & Grow 

During 2019, we partnered with our friends at Event Vines to bring a new type of experience to Austin, Texas. We threw multiple events focused on grounding and connecting. Guests were able to experience the benefits of silent yoga and meditation. Event Vines is a curated network of event professionals connecting Austin’s event venues, vendors, and clients with each other in a searchable online directory.

Let Loose

When you have headphones on and are totally focused on the class, you can let all inhibitions go. Let loose, let go, and let flow! For instance, Swag Hip Hop Yoga used our headphones for just these reasons!

Silent Disco for Mindfulness 

Mindfulness practices are taken to a whole new level when our headphones are incorporated. Guests have the ability to fully immerse themselves in their practice and easily eliminate outside distractions. There are many different ways to use LED headphones for yoga and meditation and we are always looking for more ways to incorporate our versatile headphones. 

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