Silent Disco Headphones

The industry’s finest LED, 3-channel, Bluetooth Silent Party Headphones

We you rent with Austin Silent Disco, you rent with the best.  Our silent disco headphones are the best out there and are user-friendly for ALL ages. We use the industry’s finest noise-cancelling, 3-channel silent disco headphones on the market.

Easily connected by Bluetooth, the setup is as simple as can be. With the flip of a switch, the user can conveniently choose from the three channels: Red, Blue, and Green. The shimmering LED lights change with the flip of a switch. You are able to “see” what others are hearing! If you look into the crowd, you will know right away who’s playing the hottest tune at the moment.  

The volume is easy to adjust as well, so that those with any hearing disabilities can enjoy the headphones as well. You will not believe how straightforward our silent party headphones are to use. We hope you chose us to curate your unique activation experience. There is a reason we are rated #1 on Google

Austin, TX 78702