Noise cancelling Headphones

Ear Protection For Live Music & Concerts

Austin Silent Disco is here to introduce you to a groundbreaking way to experience live music. 

Imagine this: You’re at a concert or music festival. On stage, the musicians are giving it all they’ve got. The mics on stage pick up the music and feed it into the soundboard for the engineer to balance. The sound then comes out of the speakers for all to enjoy. Imagine that same crystal-clear sound is transmitted into a pair of wireless silent disco headphones to deliver streamlined, quality music to your ears. 


  • Soundboard quality from anywhere in the venue (even the bathroom!)
  • NO background noise
  • Hearing assistance for hearing impairments
  • Zero-latency with no Wi-Fi or Bluetooth Interference
  • Better than wearing ear plugs!

With our wireless headphone rentals, encounter a revolutionary live music experience without worrying about where you are in the venue or the people talking around you. Something this good should be for everyone involved, not just the sound engineers. 

We would love to chat with you more about how our innovative Concert Headphones service can bring new accommodation and to your event space or music production. A simple connection to the soundboard brings a new option to concert-goers to use Austin Silent Disco headphones and experience the show in a completely new way. 

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