Drive In Movie in Austin

Austin Silent Disco presents the newest venture in social distance-ing. It’s 2020, let us bring the drive-in movie theater to you. If you are looking for a drive in movie in Austin, Texas, look no further! We are here to provide you with the best experience possible. There are many types of social distance party ideas. With our extra-sanitized expertise, we can turn your average backyard movie into an outdoor movie theater experience like no other.

Outdoor Movie Theater

With ever-changing state and city mandates as well as new information regarding COVID-19 coming out daily, it can be difficult to navigate the future. Safety is of our utmost priority. It can be hard to decide what is acceptable when it comes to small events and social gatherings. But we are here to make safe, social-distance events happen for you.

The drive in movie theater might have been the best invention of 1933. While drive in movie theaters have always been popular, 2020 might have brought in a surprising rise in the industry. Because guests are able to stay in their vehicles and have minimal contact with others, the outdoor movie theater is making a comeback. Drive in concerts are even a thing now (and we are here for it).

Social Distance Graduation

Outdoor Movie Screen Rental

We have one of the only inflatable movie screen rental services in Austin, Texas. Whether you want to have an intimate backyard movie, a drive in movie night at the park, or a private social distance party, Austin Silent Disco has you covered. Rent one of two different sized screens, a top-of-the-line projector, and the necessary equipment to navigate your own outdoor movie theater or outdoor concert. We will come and set up and breakdown or give you detailed instructions on how to do-it-yourself.

Drive-in Movie Austin, Texas

If you want to throw a drive in movie in Austin, be sure to reach out to us to make sure your night runs smoothly. To receive more information about the possibilities and pricing, fill out this quick form. Let us come to you and set up your backyard movie night or silent disco party. Or rent an outdoor movie theater space near town. Some additional social distance party ideas include film festivals, multi-showing move nights, church events, and school celebrations (all as no-contact as possible).

Silent Disco Drive-In

Safety Precautions


We promise to work with the mandated city and state guidelines to ensure proper social distance protocol. We will work on a per-event basis to make sure we are following all regulations and are 100% able to operate each event safely while monitoring all necessary restrictions. We are closely following any updates in regards to safe no-contact gatherings. Please email or call us today for questions and specifics.


Extra Cleaning Measures

Our headphones and all gear have been quarantined since March. Our protocol has always wiping each headphone with an anti-bacterial wipe. Then, we spray a 99% Isopropyl Alcohol that kills 99.99% or more of all non-spore-forming bacteria and viruses which anti-bacterial wipes do not. The safety of our clients and employees is the forefront priority. Our headphones and all equipment undergo a thorough deep-cleaning process before and after each event.