South by Southwest is the time of the year when thousands of bands flock to the Live Music Capital of the World to showcase their chops. During the month of March, Austin, Texas, is turned into the city that never sleeps and bands, DJs, and producers get the chance(s) to strut their musical stuff – and possibly, get “discovered” and blown to worldly-famous proportions (EX. Lizzo, Kid Cudi, Grimes, The White Stripes, Haim). SXSW 2020 is here and we are to collaborate to create memorable events your guests will love.

What’s even better than a SXSW showcase with free booze, free swag, and free music? A SXSW 2020 showcase with three DJs/producers/bands playing at the same time. That’s where Austin Silent Disco enters the building. Here are six ways to incorporate our silent disco services at your SXSW Austin event. 

Silent Disco_20191110_OlkerPhoto_33

Photo by Stephen Olker Photography

1.  The O.G. Silent Disco Party

Let’s start simple. Do you want to make your SXSW event the best out there? Triple the fun with three DJ-producers playing at the same time. Showcase a triple-threat of three different musical vibes with our wireless, 3-channel silent disco headphones. 

2. Late Night Throwdowns

With the use of our silent disco rental services, the party does not have to stop. Dance until the wee hours of the morning without any sound violations or city noise ordinances keeping you down. 

Silent Disco_20191110_OlkerPhoto_17

Photo by Stephen Olker Photography

3. Live Band + 2 DJ-Producers

Yes, we have the ability to have a live band (either plugged in or not) plus two DJ-producers playing at the same time to create a truly unique SXSW 2020 showcase. Let users pick their experience for a one-of-a-kind interactive show for guests. 

4. Conference Style Speakers

Geared towards the SXSW interactive part of South by Southwest, this idea is ideal for events with multiple speakers scheduled at the same time or overlapping times. Let users pick the speaker they are interested in and fully immerse themselves without outside distractions. 

Silent Disco_20191110_OlkerPhoto_13

Photo by Stephen Olker Photography

5. SXSW 2020 Interactive Events 

Do you have an event with multiple facets involved? Are you trying to incorporate meditation, yoga, speakers, music — all at the same time? Our headphones are the perfect way to make every aspect of your event heard without compromising quality. Use one channel for guided meditation and yoga, one for the musical aspect, and one for the speaker – all while letting users CHOOSE their adventure. 

6. No Noise Nonsense

This one might seem obvious, but with all the noise that happens during South By, our headphones are a sure-fire way to make sure there are no noise issues at your event. Make sure concert-goers are able to get soundboard quality sets directly to their ears with no traffic, no yelling, and no city noises to distract them. 

Silent Disco_20191110_OlkerPhoto_01

Photo by Stephen Olker Photography

There you have it. Six completely original ideas to step up your South By showcase using our Austin Silent Disco headphones. Let us help you curate a next-level SXSW 2020 event while also giving guests the best experience possible. 

Email us at, call us at 512-608-5751 to talk ideas, OR get a quote right away. As always, thanks for choosing the only locally-owned and the first silent disco company in Austin, Texas.